About Aqeel

Aqeel, an artist from Hyderabad, leads us into the realms of music and dance through art. Music and dance seem to have an enduring impact on his art as he conjures up images which are products of his own imagination but derived from the moods/feelings/reactions evoked by the melodious notes and scintillating footsteps.

Being born in an artistic family, it’s not surprising that Aqeel took to colour and brushes easily at a young age. Over the years he has expressed himself in various mediums – tackling themes from landscapes, murals to portraits. Of late, music and dance seems to have acted as a stimulus to his works. For Aqeel’s artistic impulses are triggered to play with forms and colour emanating from the emotions resulting from listening to music (primarily Indian classical instrumental) or watching dance (Indian classical). The visual vocabulary, therefore, captures this mood – sombre, subtle, scintillating – each work draws from the vortex of emotions to find its way in semi-abstract imagery on the canvas.

Aqeel relates these feelings with different colours – his palette is vibrant with bright reds, browns, purple, blues, yellows. The dazzling vividness of the morning sun is in bright colours denoting life, while the eerie darkness of the night is in a deep midnight blue conveying ‘blues’. The swirls, twirls, curves, spins, circles and crescendo come alive in rhythmic patterns in soft and bright shades reflecting the mood of the composition/melody as envisioned by Aqeel. The outlines of lively ‘sculpturesque’ dance ‘poses’ have an energetic feel. The abstract portrayal of Nataraja – the lord of the cosmic dance, has all the fury within highlighted in different shades of purple with strokes drawn with vigour. The work of the ‘musician with a sitar’ has a ‘Cubist’ feel about it.

For this second solo show being held after a decade and a half Aqeel indulges in a personal experience of portraying his feelings at particular junctures in a riot of colours and in a spirited, distinct language. The ‘rasa rang’ is personal, yet general and to a large extent relatable by many.
Black & White to Color. that’s how the world evolved and that’s how I began my career. By merely sketching on white paper with pencil – I developed and evolved into an Artist. Being the son of one, I was exposed to the pleasures of “colors”, “versatility”, and definitely a strong inclination to pursue my career along the same lines. Opportunities were limited – however I decided to gun for a Degree in Fine Arts and successfully completed it in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University – Hyderabad.


I was born in Hyderabad, India in 1971 and grew up in the artist family. After completing art collage at the age of twenty two, I traveled around India and spent almost ten years studying and working on out door paintings. I have been drawing and painting people and nature since I was a kid.

It’s not the language of artists but the language of nature which one should listen to….which blossoms into reality!!!

A work of art often stems from inspiration, reaction to something– it could be anything from nature, environment, issues in society, socio, cultural or political events to music and dance. This creative endeavour results out of imagination which is processed in the human intellect, synthesised and expressed in numerous ways. As the late Carl Edward Sagan, astronomer and astrochemist, said:


Since then everyday a novel idea has dawned on me, giving birth to yet another creation. Experimenting with various mediums – I saw myself progressing in the field of “Art” and yet I realized that “Art” per say is a huge ocean by itself…and I will need to develop different skill sets to enhance my proficiency in today’s world.

Landscapes have definitely been my forte, but in the same way I have enjoyed sketching, splashing colors and experimenting with Portraits and Compositions. The play of light and shade on the doorways has also been my subject for a series of work. Murals have been very appealing and have also been an important part of my work.

I have exhibited my work in-group and solo shows in a number of galleries in India. My work can be found in a number of private and government collections in India and Abroad.