About Aziz

Aziz (born 1946) is an Indian artist and painter from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. He has pioneered the use of plaster of paris on canvas along with oil paints for a three-dimensional effect. His colour palette includes reds, white to earthy browns giving his art work more natural tones. He is known to be a reclusive artiste and for his unique style and technique. He specializes in a style of relief font murals using Plaster of Paris, and oil painting. His muses are recreating landscapes, forts, temples, and horses, all part of his early life inspirations.

Aziz’s artistic expressions are timely, because his works have helped capture the old horizons of a city whose skyline has morphed into a vertical medly of concrete structures. Whether the granite finds its way into people’s kitchens and houses, or banyan trees are felled to make way for road-widening programs, thanks to Aziz’s fastidious attention to detail, Hyderabad’s rich patrimony is captured, and kept alive and well through remarkable renditions that inspire awe and nurture the conservationist in each of us.