About Biswajit Roy

Biswajit Roy’s practice principally deals with the representation of migrants and his memories of being a migrant in visual culture, these particular memories are of certain events – political, social, or cultural, witnessed individually or collectively. He travels back to time through these memories embedded in his conscience and brings back the regional spirit of West Bengal, the nostalgia of identity, homelessness, dislocation, lack of acceptance, the constant search for cultural roots, and alienation are beautifully portrayed his works.

Roy’s recent works are the amalgamation of painting over printmaking; amalgamation exemplifies numerous non-traditional methodologies to printmaking merged with acrylic painting, soft pastels, and oil painting. A synthesis between the fundamentals of printmaking and painting is constantly unfolding, forming a cross-disciplinary narrative that is essential to Roy’s work.

Printmaking has always been an important part of Roy’s studio practice due to its contiguity, spontaneity, and component of surprise. These aspects of printmaking compliment his overall approach to painting, making way for new conceptual directions to continue evolving in his art practice.