Exhibiting art virtually – Relief Art Gallery

Exhibiting art virtually By Author Shweta Watson  Curated by G Vignesh, Relief Art Gallery is presenting an online group art exhibition ‘Status Quo’ While a lot of people are polishing their artistic skills in lockdown, professional artists have been facing a tough time. Art galleries are shut down and art fairs and exhibitions have been cancelled. So, a group of five […]
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What is so beauty in Relief Art?

What is Relief Art on Canvas? Relief is a sculptural procedure where the sculpted components stay connected to a strong background of similar material. The term relief is from the Latin action word relevo, to raise. To make a sculpture in relief is to give the feeling that the sculpted material has been raised over the background. What is really […]
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The Wild Apart Photo Exhibition – Day 1

  It was 6:30 p.m when all the guests had arrived and the stage was set for “The Wild Apart” photo exhibition to start. “Wild Apart” is a 4-day event (August 9, 10, 11, & 13) showcasing the photography of Bengal tigers in the wild throughout India taken by Sanjeev Siva. The exhibition started with a Lamp Lighting Ceremony by […]
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