About Gayatri Halder

Gayatri Halder is currently a student of Rabindra Bharati University pursuing an MFA in Painting. Her works are based on her connection and fascination with the immense complexity and intricacy of nature. She keenly looks for the patterns and repetitive motifs of flora that run through natural phenomena show the soul pulsation of nature which is being ignored by most of us in this drastic race of technology and urbanization. Gayatri uses different sizes of needles as a tool to create finely intricate drawings. The process of creating the drawings makes it more important and interesting by the amount of time and effort she invests in each of her wonderful pieces. The physical force and energy involved with every single point of piercing confess the harsh injure on the nature given by humans. Paper as her chosen material embodies the paradoxical qualities, its fragility, and durability, its strength, and delicacy that we see in nature. “There is a deep significance in using paper as material which is made from nature and then by piercing it with nature motifs is transformed back to its origins.