About Khaleel


Khaleel was born in Hyderabad, India in 1974. He has staged numerous shows and his works are with Rashtrapati Bhavan, Supreme Court of India, Punjab Raj bhavan and other major corporates like Microsoft India.

Khaleel was born to an artist, into an artistic family. Growing up he was surrounded by materials and art books. He didn’t get toys and comics like other children. He played with paints, brushes and he read books about the great art masters. As a boy Khaleel was encouraged by his father, Aziz, a renowned artist himself, to sketch the world around him. A lover of nature, Khaleel sketched landscapes.

Khaleel first worked in watercolors and pencil sketches and began experimenting in relief painting at age 10. He learned this particular relief technique from his father, Aziz, a renown artist himself. Aziz developed this specific technique through trial and error over a 6-year period and trained his children in it.

Khaleel began competing in art competitions at age 11, winning his first competition the very next year. Over the years, he has honed his technique through practice and education. Khaleel is a graduate of JNTU, Fine Arts College, in Hyderabad. He had his first solo exhibition in 2002 at the Kalakrithi Gallery in Hyderabad. His first solo exhibition was incidentally Kalakrithi Gallery’s first ever exhibition. Khaleel’s works have been showed in galleries throughout India. And, many of his artworks have been purchased, and displayed, by the Indian Army and various other government organizations.

Artist Statement

I love nature. And, I love art. By creating relief (3-dimensional) art, I aim for people to feel like they are in the painting, like they are at that place. I want them to imagine that they are on the footpath and can feel the breeze on their skin and hear the birds in the trees.

Nature is a wonderful subject. When I look at nature as an artist, I don’t just see a tree. There are different textures, different shapes and hues. No tree is like another.

To make my work feel real and alive, my art is created using a relief technique. This relief technique is mixed media combining sculpture and painting and was created by my father, Mr. Aziz, a renowned artist in India. Through trial and error over several years, he developed the process I use today. It is a combination of zinc oxide mixed with marble powder and a hardener, and oil paints for the color.

I hope that people will walk away from viewing my art with a sense of calm and an appreciation for the world we live in, the beauty that surrounds us.

Khaleel’s Journey