Status Quo

An online art exhibition of five artists.

Curated by G.Vignesh

Showcasing Artists:

Amlan Dutta, Biswajit Roy, Gayatri Halder, Karthik V, Sandipan Acharjee

Date: 6th June 2020 to 6th July 2020

Status Quo meaning the current situation is a virtual or online group art exhibition of five artists during the real-time. COVID-19 global pandemic has altered almost everything about the way we intermingle, engaging the experience-based visual arts sector at crossroads. There are currently abounding online discussions, live streaming, and Zoom conferences that question and address ways of imagining new forms of creation, production, distribution, and financing of the arts in regards to each locality and the world in general. This show of paintings, prints, and, drawings is an attempt to promote and sell the artworks of these young emerging artists, which is going to support their art practice in their studios during this lockdown.

Amlan Dutta

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Biswajit Roy

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Gayatri Halder

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Karthik V

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Sandipan Acharjee

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